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Winter, Updates.

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What causes an MPN?  Are my kids likely to have an MPN if I do?  Why are some MPNs so aggressive?   Answers to these questions might be found in a review of new work in molecular biology  published today in the MPN Quarterly Journal,  The research, spearheaded by Dr. Jason Gotlib (Stanford), uses the 23andMe MPN patient database.

The Spring Issue of MPNforum will be published March 14, 2017.  If you have a good hematologist to recommend you can head here With nearly 60,000 visits logged to date the MPNforum List of Hematologists is one of the most vital tools available on the Internet to fellow MPN patients looking for help.   The deadline to add your recommendation is Friday, March 3. Please do consider it. This is a real lifeline for patients and only takes s minute or two.

Our friend Dr. Robyn Scherber (Mayo Clinic, Oregon OSHU) is working on a diet and nutrition study for MPN patients. She has done excellent work in the past in developing significant papers in  symptom assessment, co-morbidities, and alternative means MPN patients use to alleviate symptoms.  When published this study should help us better understand what to reach for in the fridge…and what to leave alone.  To participate here’s  a link to the on-line survey

Hope all is well with you this unsettled Season. Balmy weather today pretty much across the US and UK… drenching West Coast storms..




Comments on: "Winter, Updates." (3)

  1. Barbara Vanhusen said:

    This is awesome. We need to talk abou our new progression project, slowly taking shape…

  2. Would definitely be interested in this study as I believe what we eat and drink is important to our blood stabilization.
    Well done again Zhen, you keep us going with your good work. God bless.

  3. Excellent article not only highlighting convoluted road of research and funding, but also explaining biology in an understandable manner. It is indeed a long and winding road, with many miles left to go before scientisits truly understand the true cause(s) and hopefully cure or even prevention for MPNs. Thanks for the excellent reporting.

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