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He wrote it by hand…

Arch – may his memory be for a blessing — never missed a Small Donation Program. 

Arch was one of the founders of MPNforum Magazine. Arch bigHe was our first columnist, writing Arch’s Corner. (Check the Catalog for back issues of his columns.) His “Pearls and Paste” posts were the heart and soul of the Forum Facebook page. The amazing thing is Dr. Arch McCallister never had an MPN.  He joined us as a caretaker and stayed with us until the end because he loved and valued this community,
Typically, Arch never emailed his Small donation contribution. He did it the old fashioned way, via US Post Office, with a handwritten note and a handwritten check folded into an envelope hand addressed and stamped.

You can do it that way. Or you can just click on the link and support MPNforum with your small donation via a click of your mouse. Like the anonymous donation that arrived yesterday marked “In memory of Arch.”

MPNforum, a cooperative, collective project of patients, caregivers and physicians receives no support from grants or advertising.  You and I are the only source of funding. Up to now few of us knew who actually stepped up to fund MPNforum.  This year, for the first time, we will be celebrating those who participate in the 2016 Small Donation program by publishing their the Winter MPNforum.
Here’s the full appeal and the donation link…gifts from $5, nothing over $100 please.
And for those who have already stepped up, thank you.

MPNforum, PO Box 17142, Asheville, NC 28816 Donations to MPNforum are not tax-deductible

Comments on: "He wrote it by hand…" (2)

  1. Manuela Manuel said:

    RIP Arch, your words of wisdom live on

    • You knew Arch, Manuela, even back in the email support list war days. He loved this community and stayed with us to the very end. He’s greatly missed. As Chris pointed out in his tribute, it’s a blessing to have an archive of his columns and posts.

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