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A chance to step up…

“I hate begging for money.”

One of my favorite MPNforum editors said that to me when we launched our Fall Small Donation Program.   I never thought of it that way. To me, it’s more like an honor system, a chance for us all to pay our fair share.

MPNforum is a common, community project.  We are all volunteers Zhen Cropped Team Leaderworking to support MPN patients and caregivers.  A few of us work at it fulltime, several of us work long hours, and we pay all the bills, travel, internet, etc. out of pocket.  No one gets paid.  The fruits of our labor are available free to everyone in the MPN community:  The interviews, analyses, news reports, publications, bulletins, advocacy programs.

We advance funds to cover travel and operating expense…and expect the community that benefits from the work to cover costs. Both those of us who contribute articles, photos and comments and those of us who simply follow the Forum pay the bills.   How else can we do it? We’re independent because we take no advertising and apply for no grants.  You are our only Sponsor,

Not everyone steps up.  In fact, despite a typical issue of MPNforum Magazine drawing 12,000 readers and a record 550,000 visits to our pages, only a handful – a couple of hundred – patients and caregivers   normally contribute through our Small Donation Program, on average about $25.   This Fall we need to raise $4200 to cover ASH and operating expenses. We’re not begging. We’re asking you to do your part to support MPNforum.

And thank you.

*This year we will be adding the names of donors (with photos if sent) to the MPN Wall now taking shape. If you require anonymity please let us know via email  — – or a note provided on the PayPal donation form.

The Small Donation Program. From $5 to a maximum of $100.  You can do it at here...

or right here:      finger pointing

MPNforum, PO Box 17142, Asheville, NC 28816

Donations to MPNforum are not tax-deductible

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