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The Missing Link   (That’s the link, but it’s also attached to Front Page at


Sorry…but this is truly embarrassing. The lead story of the Spring MPNforum Issue left home without a Link.

There was more to the story than that opening paragraph, long discussions with the FDA and CTI, pitched battles over access. And when it was all over, written up, vetted, edited, I shipped out the Home Page without a link to the story.  Chalk it up to battle fatigue.

Well…here it is. I wouldn’t recommend it for bedtime reading.

Thanks for understanding,




Comments on: "The Missing Link" (5)

  1. Irwin Dubinsky said:

    Tremendous article. But what next
    I was a federal employee in a regulatory agency -food safety In fact I was the director
    Of evaluation and regulations

    Are you dealing with the head of FDA
    Congressmen and senators concerned with
    Clinical trials , MPN drug safety and approvals ? You need to send your report
    Around to various people mentioned above
    FDA needs to properly explain what it did and did not do
    They cannot hide
    I have myeolofibrosis
    I need drugs that can help me

    • Thanks, Irwin… You can help by emailing a link that that article to anyone you know who might lend a hand.
      We are looking for Congressional allies — staffers and representatives. The FDA just changed heads but we were in touch several times with the head and staff of OHOP, the group responsible for approving MF drugs.

  2. Ginger Shirley said:

    You are amazing so do not apologize.

  3. Jane Frantz said:

    Zhen, you do so much for all of us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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