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January, 2016 MPNforum


Farewell to a fallen friend.

So  what we are to each other in our MPN Internet Village? That’s this month’s MPNforum theme.

Five women traveled to Texas to say goodbye to KATHY DUBIN FLYNN shortly before her death.  Their photos and stories in a Tribute to KDF

BEATRICE LARROQUE shared each day of her stem cell transplant with us.  Now, 100+ days later, she booked flying trapeze and tango lessons…

MARINA SAMPENES PEED heads up the new volunteer MPN Support Network with a menu of medical, financial and social aid…

BARBARA VAN HUSEN president of the MPN Foundation uses the C word…

RUBEN MESA: Everything You Wanted to Know about MPN Science and Therapy …

ELLEN JACQUART releases a new, expanded List of Patient- Recommended Hematologists.. .

It’s all in the patient-supported January, 2016  MPNforum with plenty of room for your opinions and comments.





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  1. Patty Dubin said:

    Such a wonderful tribute to my warrior daughter. I am grateful she lived her life out loud and encouraged so many. She was not about to let cancer take away her joy!

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