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The theme of MPNforum’s  Orlando ASH Report is “Behind the Scenes.”

Most of us never get to ASH… so this time we show you what it’s really like. Come on inside the CREATE MPN gene editing luncheon… and then head on out to see a surprising about-face at the MPN Heroes’ shindig. There’s all  that plus a quick overview of drugs and a couple of clinical trials (and a partridge in a pear tree.)

Enjoy… As always, this is an Advance Subscriber edition so if you find errors worth correcting, please let me know.

You can find it all at:

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Comments on: "The ASH Report" (2)

  1. marciaandjim said:

    Typos in summary article, rational for rationale, also statement below. Another one or two I don’t remember. It’s no small matter for the doctor or the patient. Patients can sicken on clincial trial  and f physiciansdoctors have no clear way to determine when topull the trigger it may be too late to opt for stem cell translant. Thank you, Dr. Tefferi. That’s the kind of clarity we can take to the bank.

    • Thanks, Marcia….We had a blizzard of twisted sentences all day yesterday, some WordPress instability of browser issue. All I know is it was frustrating to upload changes and review messed up AutoSaves. WP Support was helpful and I hope to clean up the mess this morning. Too bad it hit that particular paragraph since it Tefferi’s response resonated so strongly.

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