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Hi, there…   Next month is the big annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology — when we find out officially what the MPN drug pipeline looks like. Right now, here’s a portrait of our MPN community in the mid-November issue of MPNforum due out tomorrow.

Your advance copy is here:

Headline news:  The first human application of gene editing to beat leukemia.  Coupled with that is the deep coverage of the NYC CR&T MPN Patient Symposium.  Julie Libon and Marina Sampanes Peed teamed up to bring you summaries, photos and stories from this major bi-annual event.

There’s science news, profiles of Dr. Ann Mullally and David Boule, 227 hematologists to consider, and a wake-up call for those of us in or awaiting clinical trial.

Please do share your views in the COMMENTS after each article..

Hope you’re well and looking forward to Thanksgiving,


Comments on: "Advance copy: Mid-November MPNforum" (3)

  1. Barbara Vanhusen said:

    I love love the Silver article, although I was worried when I saw the initial photo… And your staff of reporters is awesome.


  2. Leif Running said:

    Hi,I noticed some typos in the Science Digest:mutationl should be mutational ane > and defend again > defend against

    Thanks again for all of your great work!Leif

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