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Tonight is the start of Rosh HaShanah – a new year, the start of a reflective period and fresh start. To our Jewish friends, to all, we wish l’shanah tovah, a good year.

To see the old year out, here is a special Sunday edition of

The MPNforum TSR Newsletter.

In this issue:  

Is interferon safe? Surprising findings from a new study.

Dollars for Docs…Sunshine Act reveals mixed data, keeps Drug companies in the shadows… Incyte’s big payout to docs.

PRM-151’s delay of game

Plus: CR&T meeting and big boost for MPN Fatigue.

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  1. How thoughtful Thank you Best wishes

    Jenny 🌺

    Jenny Stolzenberg 110 South Hill Park London NW3 2SN 07769 970273 0207 209 3948


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