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You did it!




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Early this morning, we reached our budget goal.

Congratulations, thank you and high fives to all who contributed to the MPNforum Small Donation Program. .

It’s enormously encouraging to see old friends and new chip in to keep our collective MPNforum publishing and support network strong. This year we appealed only to the immediate MPNforum family and friends but MPN community members across organizations, Facebook sites and email lists reached out to lend a hand.

These are explosive, transformative times for MPN science and treatment options. Thanks to you, MPNforum will report it to the best of our abilities and expand patient support initiatives.

Thank you,

All of us MPNforum Magazine

Comments on: "You did it!" (1)

  1. Dylvia Toss said:

    Thank you for your time to keep us informed and often amused…great to have a community to turn to when feeling lost….

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