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Five good reasons…


There are Five good reasons NOT to donate to MPNforum.

1. The Forum’s news and features have nothing to do with you
2. You disagree with stories and patient advocacy programs
3. You’re not interested in MPN science and technology
4. You can’t afford a $5 donation.
5. You already donated the maximum of $100

But there’s really only One good reason to donate to MPNforum.

MPNforum is our free, independent, all volunteer and collaborative news magazine whose only funds come from the MPN patient/caregiver community. Without you, we can’t publish. It’s that simple

Strengthen MPNforum… and contribute through the Small Donation Program. One click, any credit card…or drop a check in the mail.

Anything from $5 to a max of $100.

And if you could use a reminder, here’s a page covering some of the good stuff brought to us by MPNforum writers, photographers, hematologists, designers, scientists, editors and cartoonists this past year.

MPNforum is our collective effort, our collective responsibility. No one gets paid to do the MPNforum work.  No one will ever know if you donated anything or not.

Thank you for taking the time to consider it.

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Mail:  PO Box 17142, Asheville, NC, 28816

Comments on: "Five good reasons…" (1)

  1. Tom Brennan said:

    You have always been a great investment! Thanks for your efforts!

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