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Good morning… The August, 2015 edition of MPNforum Magazine publishes tomorrow.

You can find your advance copy here:  Please remember the “Return to Contents” link at the end of each article won’t work until general publication tomorrow and, as ever, let me know of any typos or errors you might run across. (

This is a big issue — comics, the opening of the CREATE gene editing/SCT exploration,August 2015 Forum report of major science news from the lab of Dr. Ross Levine, announcement of what we hope might be a breakthrough event, the on-line MPN Voice/Patient Power meeting in London (Yes! you can register for it and participate this Friday)…and there’s much more.

There’s an appeal for one of our own facing stem cell transplant and the usual, crucial and stressful problems of handling financial and family management issues while undergoing 100 days or more of transplantation and recovery.  This is an issue many of us have face and many of us will face. Isn’t it time we developed a mechanism to join together and help ease the burden? For now let’s put our heads together and start the discussion.

There’s also a video you likely missed, Jennifer Doudna interviewed at Cold Springs Harbor Labs on how CRISPR works.

A major milestone — so significant we’re not even going to try to shoehorn it into this issue — is the addition of 37 new patient recommended hematologists to the List. We’re publishing that separately Tuesday, July 28.  The List is something we take for granted as a resource that’s been around and growing for neary four years. It’s worth stopping to consider how important it has been for tens of thousands of us over that span of time….and to thank Ellen Jacquart for her long and hard work building, curating and keeping that List together for all of us.

Your comments and questions on features are always welcome and valuable for our whole MPN community.

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