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400,000 clicks. 

A few weeks ago MPNforum registered its 400,000th visitor to its pages.  While not impressive by Internet standards, the number is staggering when you consider how small our community is.  A finger on a distant keyboard linking us together.

Each click is a person reaching out to join the conversation.

Each click successfully breaks through the isolation of our MPNs.

Our MPN community’s two dozen Facebook pages and e-mail support lists, our MPN Foundation and services like MPD Voice, PV Reporter, MPN Advocacy and Education, and Patient Power form the extended boundaries of our small but intense and active community.   Together we are a force to inform and support each other.

How about opening your story to a visit?

With all our separate identities and loyalties, with all the changes of people and circumstance, MPNforum has remained one of our common rallying points. Patient-managed, run and funded. No advertising. No fees. No password required. Just come as you are.

A source of worldwide MPN news of people and science.  MPNforum is a wall to post bulletins and graffiti. A gathering place to say farewell to friends and greet newcomers, get a closer look at findings and people, drugs and doctors, find a local hematologist.

You are invited to reach out and create one of those pages, share your story in word and pictures, take your place in an issue of MPNforum, and join the permanent archive of MPNforum Catalog of articles.

You can get started by outlining your page in an e-mail to and begin the conversation. We will help.

Or just do it, write up a blog, a column, opinion, or news report — attach photos if you like — and send it in. (Everything will be treated like a letter from a friend. Nothing gets published without your final OK.







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