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ASH Yerba Buena Gardens
ASH: Drugs and Genetics, the MPN revolution.
(The story: Monday, January 5, 2015)
(Photo: Yerba Buena Gardens, an oasis between multiple sites of the 56th ASH Annual Meeting. )


‘Twas the night before ChristmasSerge Christmas
Or close, anyway
When MPNforum published
On that special day

Its ASH special issue,
A time pretty queer
For readers engaged
In toasting good cheer

And wrapping up gifts
For friends and relations
With very little time
To study mutations

Or news of discoveries
Medical, molecular
No matter how useful
Or even spectacular.

So now, we offer
This preview newsletter
A table of contents,
No worse, no better.

Previewing the news
Just for you and me
Of the emerging miracle
Of gene therapy.

See you when we visit
This hematological scene
And explore its wonders
In 2015.

Holiday Greetings – Merry Christmas
And warmest good wishes for a happy, healthier New Year
(and thanks Dr. Verstovsek for the seasonal photo)


TSR mast

Harrison on ASH 2014 (video) …
Trehu on PRM-151(video)

Scherber on The Fatigue Project (Story)…Jun on Momelotinib (story)…

Lam on Imetelstat (video)…Duodna on CRISPR Cas9 Collaboration.

(All in the Winter issue, January 5, 2015 + Best of ASH videos & Snapshots)

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You can read the current issue of the Q right here! How I treat MPNs? …Silver, Mesa, Hasselbalch, Harrison Aspirin, Platelets and Thrombosis… by J.J. Michiels Interferon instructions for my patients… H.C. Hasselbalch. Coming up in January: CRISPR Ca9 gene editing.MQJ3header line

* New* The List and Map of 164+ Patient-Recommended Hematologists -*New*

The First Six Combined MPNclinics with Index

The Catalog of Articles. ..finger pointing

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