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You are the difference…

Give a damn   sa ns lend a hand

What’s the difference? When MPN patients come together, we get things done.

We may be an orphan disease, a small community but when we come together our numbers are overwhelming. With well over 340,000 visits to our pages, the MPNforum community of contributors, readers, healthcare professionals and supporters lit up our MPN world this past year.

More than 1000 of us helped open productive discussions with the FDA, mounted a successful Zebra Coalition effort, moved the Patient Advocate program into operating stages and kicked off the Fatigue Project research … dozens more produced MPNforum Magazine and MPN Quarterly Journal.

Together, with our friends on Facebook pages, PV Reporter, Patient Power, MPN support lists, the Foundation, we are the difference!

The Small Donation Program.

On the eve of the big annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology, MPNforum traditionally launches its Small Donation Program.Donate thumbs up The timing makes sense. MPNforum never needs much operating capital — but our biggest cash outlay is always for travel and events that need to be covered. And ASH is the undisputed three ring circus of hematology.

It’s also that year-end time when we review operations and strengthen our mission, present a rough accounting of how we did together past year. And what we hope to do together in the life-changing MPN year ahead.

The highlights of the past year… (review here)

If you have the time, take a look. It was a helluva year.

The people of MPNforum…

We know many of the contributors to MPNforum, the awesome collection of writers, hematologists, scientists, artists and healthcare professionals sharing their insights with us in the MPNclinic, interviews and articles. Then there are the literally thousands of MPN patients and caregivers participating in MPNforum programs and conversations.

Rarely seen are the MPN patients and caregivers working behind the scenes, database managers, proofreaders, gatekeepers, coordinators, administrators plus hundreds of interacting others integral to our sense of the Forum without any assigned roles.

Some of our friends and leaders are no longer with us.

Along with the joy of reporting success, it’s with a heavy heart we face 2015 without some of our closest companions in the struggle. Harvey Gould, board member, writer, and friend to so many of us succumbed to his MPN. Patsy Bushee, whose courage and spirit warmed us all… Kelley Lanier, Ian Sweet, Frank Gewaltny…and so many more.

Their struggles and our losses only stiffen our resolve to help one another survive myeloproliferative neoplasm and strengthen our mission in 2015.

Looking ahead… (have a peek here)

An overview of the changing focus of MPNforum and our planned ASH coverage

On money…

To preserve full objectivity and independence, we rely only on each othermoneybags. All the work done this past year was accomplished without funding from drug companies or medical institutions, without accepting advertising dollars or grants. Every dime needed to run MPNforum comes from MPNforum people. From you.

MPNforum is all volunteer. No salaries are paid. No fees are paid to writers, consultants, artists…anyone. All administrators, everyone doing the grunt work of editing and database management and subscriber relations works as a volunteer. All our work is freely available on the Internet and can be copied and used under our Common Attribution copyright license.

That’s it, that’s the whole pitch. This is our Small Donation Program appeal, same rules: Any gift from $5 – $100. (Nothing over $100, please, we only have to return it and pay processing fees.)

You can support our work with a one-time gift or chip in a monthly donation — the equivalent of a cup of coffee. And if you do elect to make a monthly donation please don’t exceed $8/month.

This is your chance to step up and make a solitary difference.

Why different? Because only a small fraction of us will actually contribute. Because you don’t get anything for donating except a thank you e-mail and the certain knowledge that you are making a difference in our MPN world.

Be different because even though anyone can read MPNforum without paying or registering for anything someone has to choose to pitch in. You can be one of the different ones. Let us know you understand what it takes to do this work… and help us come up with the minimal cash necessary to keep the lights on and move ahead with the work that has to be done.

Be different. Lend a hand

Zebra Hand Art




Step up and press the button. It’s as easy as that.

Donate thumbs up
(Thank you for making a difference!)

The page that opens when you press the button is our PayPal payments management page. You can use any credit card and specify a one time or monthly recurring gift. If you prefer, you can mail your donation to MPNforum, PO Box 17142, Asheville, North Caroline, 28816. Contribute any amounts from $5-$100. Donations are not tax deductible. )








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    I’ll be donating five monthly thank you

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