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MQJ Summer 2014


It’s our only cure.,. sometimes our best hope…and often our biggest risk.

To help us weigh our options, nine transplantation and MPN specialists from Europe and the United States came together to share their combined experience and answer our most pressing questions.

Their conclusions, well worth reading, sharing, and keeping for future reference are published in the Summer MPN Quarterly Journal along with background material, video, and a patient’s perspective.

Considering Stem Cell Transplant  is now available at

Contributors include Dr. Nicolaus Kroeger, University Hospital, Hamburg, Germany, Dr. Donal McLornan, Guys’ and St. Thomas;, England, Dr. Veena Fauble, Mayo Clinic, Scottdale, Dr. Tsiporrah Shore, Weil-Cornell, New York City, and MPNclinic physicians Dr. David Steensma,  Harvard Medical School, Dana Farber; Dr. Richard Silver, Cornell-Weill;  Dr. Srdan Verstovsek, M.D. Anderson; Dr. Ruben Mesa, Mayo Clinic;  Dr. Claire Harrison, Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS and Chris Harper

Comments on: "MQJ published. 9 specialists answer MPN SCT questions." (3)

  1. Leif Running said:

    Hi, Thanks for all of your continuing good work. Here’s a little slip you might want to fix: Ruben Mesa’s name is missing from the caption under his picture. Leif

  2. Jane Frantz said:

    This is an incredibly informative article – a must read for anyone with MPN. It answered so many of my questions, concerns, worries. The Doctors’ frank answers are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for posting.

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