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Hi, there… The May MPNforum publishes tomorrow. This Early Subscriber edition, available now, contains …

The report of a five -month investigation into Sanofi’s abandonment of the Fedratinib trial

A Special MPNclinic Roundtable with guest specialists discussing the timing of an MPN stem cell transplant.

Attorney Samantha Trahan takes through the steps to protest an insurance company’s denial of claim

        Rochelle Moore shares her notes from Dr.Tefferi.s recent Miami patient support meeting

       Harvey Gould suffers a blow-out on the Long and Winding Road…

       A true life parable straight out of Kafka wraps up the features


and then it’s on to the TSR Newsletter reporting on the Zebra Coalition meeting with the FDA and a Springtime explosion of stem cells.. plus, the List, the Abstracts, and the usual invitation for you to jump on in with comments, stories, and photos.

As usual, the ink isn’t even dry on the last stories so PLEASE let me know of typos, factual errors, broken links etc.

Until tomorrow morning, the issue is Password Protected for subscribers.

You can reach the issue here:

The password is     Kafka



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