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Hi, there…  Many of you will probably get a couple of publication notices today. The first wave goes out to overlapping lists of friends, contributors, volunteers, and subscribers … the core people who can look at the magazine,  warts and all. ,,,And might get back to us with comments and corrections before official publication tomorrow night! Please.\

This is an historic issue as you’ll soon discover. It’s been ten years since the JAK2 discoveries broke on the MPN scene. The calreticulin mutation is every bit as significant and will have serious impacts on MPN diagnostics and therapies. It already has. In this issue, the guys who bear primary responsibility for the discovery talk to us directly, in a live

There’s lots more… but have a look. It’s all at

Enjoy… and please check back in with your comments and changes.



* The “Return to Contents” link at the bottom of most pages won’t work until tomorrow night,

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