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The Last Three Days








The Last THREE Days

When the Zebra Coalition launched the FDA Patient Advocate petition we felt pretty sure we could get 100 signatures.  Now, 412 of us have come together.zebra herd  Dr. Claire Harrison is with us, Dr. Srdan Verstovsek and Dr. Ruben Mesa are with us, the top brass at the MPN Research Foundation are with us.

Friday, February 14 we take down the petition. So if you have not yet gotten around to joining the Zebras, this is the time.  Let’s start the discussion with doctors, regulators and institutions so together we can advance patients’ rights.

Today get word to friends, family, your Facebook pages, Twitter, MPN support groups and e-mail lists. We have a chance to gain a voice in our clinical trials. Let’s stand up and be counted these last few days to maximize our appeal to the FDA.

(And if you’re in the D.C. area and want to deliver the Patient Advocate petition in person, please contact

Thanks…and Congratulations!


(Note: We organized  and deployed this petition through MoveOn Civic Action. Their privacy policy and a link to unsubscribe from any e-mails is at







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