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The MPNforum January-February 2nd Edition is here, now.

We normally don’t publish on Fridays,Zhen PP smile but this is good weekend reading,   Stories: Harvey’s long and winding slide to the edge of the cliff…Jeremy’s inspirational resolutions.  There’s a look at the new MPNforum Associate Editors and a roadmap to get your questions answered by the MPNclinic.

There is a theme that runs through the three editions of January.  Monday we published tributes and farewells to two friends who had suffered acute stages of MPNs.

In this second edition we look at our last lines of defense, Stem Cell Transplant and Clinical Trial…the powerful alternatives that come to our aid when front line therapies are no longer effective: 

Here too is the Zebra Coalition petition… an effort to build more safeguards into the Clinical Trial system that is essential to develop the new meds we need.  The petition is designed to give patients and caregivers a voice in risk management and help prevent the kind of crash and burn suffered in the Sanofi trial of Fedratinib.

Monday, we publish Part Three… The Sanofi Report.  This is the compilation of everything we know – or think we know – about what happened leading up to and beyond the November 18 closure of a big, international MF trial just days before filing for FDA approval.

These three editions may help frame options we have but they clearly illustrate the perils of MPNs and the solidarity in our broad MPN community that offers us all comfort, support…and a few good stories along the way.

Please post your Petition comments and  e-mail your questions to the MPNclinic as soon as possible.

     Enjoy the weekend,  











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