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Because some stories can’t wait a month to tell, MPNforum for the first time is publishing multiple issues over the next two weeks. 

Later today we publish  “Lamentations and Celebrations” – tributes to Ian and Patsy…  announcement of the re-opening of the MPNclinic …and headlines and abstracts of the month’s articles.

Your advance copy is here:

The dark cloud hanging over MPN Clinical Trials is the subject of “What Sanofi doesn’t want us to know,” an investigative report. Beyond the abrupt termination of a late stage clinical trial, a more pressing question remains:   Should have known months earlier that an unanticipated and deadly side effect was working it way through that trial?

This first MPNforum issue of 2014 will be broadly published this afternoon so if you find anything that needs attention, please let me know. (








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