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Good evening…

Tomorrow we publish this issue,  so if you get a chance to leaf through it tonight, please do make a few notes and send them along. I’ll be doing some editing tomorrow and tucking a few things in anyhow so your comments, suggestions, corrections would all be appreciated. Best way to get your thoughts to me:

You’ll hear it on some of the videos as well and see it in the photos, but this was an exciting and deeply significant ASH for us.  There are new molecular findings that will impact our lives, new drugs — one withdrawn, another charging ahead, a few others with promise.   The Fatigue Project is real and I hope you’re on board. Dr. Robyn Emanuel talks about it a bit but that too is poised to take off in 2014. And Harvey’s back with a new turn in the road…and warm breakfast documentary.

Whatever the final outcome is on the Sanofi drug, I hope you had a chance to look over today’s TSR Special Report.  Patients on clinical trial need to know what’s happening when their health or life is endangered. We don’t have that right…but we can get it.  Be a zebra.  Do consider joining the taskforce to raise a thousand signatures.

With all that’s happened this past year, with all we can hope and pray for in the year to come, this Holiday Season could not have arrived at a better time.

Warmest greetings for joyous and healthful holidays,   wreath


Comments on: "Advance copy — The ASH issue of MPNforum" (1)

  1. Charles Nielsen said:

    Zhen, Great job, once again Zhen. I read through tut; but did not watch the videos. Contents is great; but sorry to hear about Harvey. Thanks for all you do doe our MPN community Charlie


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