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Dr. Ruben Mesa’s Health



The rumor that circulated yesterday at CR&T that Dr. Ruben MesaRuben-Mesa Smile was unable to attend due to a cardiac issue was true… but fortunately it was quickly resolved.  He’s going to rest up for a couple of days and plans to be back on the front lines fighting MPNs soon.

Prayers and all good wishes his way.

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  1. Dr. Mesa, Please add my good wishes to all you’ve already received for a full and swift recovery.

  2. Giselle Garcia said:

    Get well soon Dr!!! I send you a big bear hug and million healing kisses from Argentina!!! We need you!! Giselle (MF pacient)

  3. Diane Blackstock said:

    Dr Mesa…There is no other Dr whom I would fly across the US to see. Your knowledge and dedication never cease to amaze me. PLEASE take care of yourself. I hope to see you on Dec 4th. I’ll be praying for your swift & complete recovery.

  4. I’m not sure if posts to the FBMPNforum were included in this outpouring of love and respect for Dr. Mesa, but I want to be sure to be to be included ‘in that number’. So… to repeat, Dear Doctor Mesa, listen to your doctors and depend on them as we do on you. Best, Arch

  5. Beatrice Larroque said:

    I am sorry to hear about your health issues. I wish you a speedy recovery, take good care of yourself and listen to your doctors!

  6. Sheridan Emery said:

    Please take care of YOU and as Dr. Arch advices – listen to your doctors as we all listen to you and your wealth of knowledge and information that helps us keep going – every day. THANK YOU for all your research! You have been an inspiration to me since I was first dx’d. in August of 2009. Thoughts and PRAYERS for your complete recovery!

  7. Charles Nielsen said:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Dr. Mesa! Thanks for all that you do for the MPN community.

  8. Bonnie and Joe Evans said:

    Dear Dr Mesa! I had thought your heart was made of GOLD with all the generosity you deliver to the MPN Community. But alas, your heart is just like the rest of us so it needs some TLC. So, we are sending you lots of TLC. Get Well!

    Bonnie and Joe Evans
    Atlanta MPN Support Group

  9. God bless you Dr. Mesa. Hope you are feeling better and your recovery is swift and not too uncomfortable.

  10. Nathalie Cook said:

    I was so sorry to hear Dr Ruben Mesa has been unwell but glad to hear he received rapid treatment with insertion of a stent. I hope he has time to rest and recover before he resumes his busy schedule caring for and treating MPN patients around the world. We in the MPN community are so lucky to have such a caring, compassionate, brilliant doctor and researcher advocating for us. Sending prayers and best wishes for his speedy recovery.

  11. Marlene Forstrom said:

    Hoping for a quick recovery. Take care of yoursel!

  12. Get your rest doctor Mesa ….I wish you a full and speedy recovery:-) :-)

  13. Penny Stiefel said:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    Please take care of yourself as you take care of all of us!
    Howard & Penny Stiefel

  14. Wishing you a quick recovery. You mean a lot to all of us. Best wishes.

  15. Janice Creed said:

    Any issue with your heart is scary. We are so glad that you are feeling better. Take care and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Listen to us now and do your rehab….lol.
    Thanks for all you do for us.

  16. Mary Cotter said:

    Best wishes for a quick recovery!

  17. Emily Sieger said:

    Thank you for all you do for the health of MPN patients, Dr Mesa. Now, please take care of your own!

  18. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery, Dr. Mesa!

  19. Jamie Strause said:

    Dr Mesa:
    I hope you are feeling better. We enjoyed your presentation at the CR&T Fund Symposium. Such dedication to make sure we still had your voice!

  20. May God Bless and keep you Dr. Mesa. We need you around to help with the fight.

  21. Best wishes to you, Dr. Mesa!!

  22. Thank God he is alright!

  23. Mary Hopper said:

    We definitely don’t want to lose Dr Mesa. I love his video’s

  24. Jeremy Smith said:

    The strangest thing is my last session with most of our conversation was about cardiace issues and how MPN’s impact the cardiovascular systerm. And how hard we we both were working.

  25. Marge Blocks said:

    Take care of yourself Dr. Mesa. All of us in the MPN community need you, your compassion, intelligence and ability to articulate the complex issues we all face.

  26. Peggy Zampetti Frederick said:

    Hi Andrew: We were informed at the NYC Patients Symposium that they would be available on the site shortly at Check periodically for their availability.Take good care.

  27. Peggy Zampetti Frederick said:

    We are blessed to have this gifted man fighting for the MPN cause. Great to get the confirmation that his situation is quickly resolving. <3

  28. Bonnie Evans said:

    GET WELL, Dr Mesa. Joe and I gasped when we heard of your sudden illness. Get well and please take date of yourself! Listen to your doctors! Prayers and healing thoughts to you.

    Bonnie and Joe Evans

  29. Voncille Fryou said:

    Sorry to hear this about Dr. Mesa. We can’t loose this man, he’s one of the best in MPNs. Sending you thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery Dr. Mesa!!!

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