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Rock on…Take Two…


Waiting for the Mail.

Bonnie said our Rock On donation appeal page was too wordy. She had a point. The Small Donation Program appeal was buried in two yards of type.

Whatever the reason, the Rock On appeal had the very worst response ever. 19 donors stepped up to toss money in the hat.

MPNforum is all volunteer. This Small Donation Program is designed to fund those few activities that require cash…phone, internet, travel, meetings and interviews…and equipment replacement or repair. We’ve never been able to afford something simple like press releases…maybe the best way to spread the word.

This time the focus was on attending ASH in New Orleans, international hematology’s main event. If we has to miss covering ASH all of us would feel the effects for months.

The 19 donors — plus two others who contributed yesterday — did cover the ASH expense. I write the thank you notes but all of us should be grateful to them.

What really matters to you about your MPNforum experience? We publish on a shoestring. We could do a lot better, reach many more people if we had the budget to ratchet up a notch.

So this time, with fewer words, I’m asking you, again, to support our common effort.

It’s not only about the money…you can contribute as little as a buck, really – and no more than $100 – but unless you really mean to reject MPNforum, do click on the button and let us know you’re out there.



Rock on!

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MPNforum . PO 17142 . Asheville, North Carolina . 28816

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