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Now it’s our turn…


100+ Hematologists and several governments are urging Incyte to drop the price of Jakafi — now $84,000-$90,000+ annually.  As patients we can add our voice to their reasonable appeal.

Please visit An Open Letter to Dr. Paul Friedman, CEO Incyte 

Read through the letter and some early comments by patients to realize how critical this issue is for so many of our friends.  You can add your own comment or simply “sign” the letter by adding your name, city, State, and Nation in the COMMENT box.

Please don’t pass this by. The most vulnerable among us are counting on you.

Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you,


Comments on: "Now it’s our turn…" (5)

  1. Rick Merriman said:

    Rick Merriman — Orlando, Florida, USA

  2. Stephanie Onel said:

    Everyone, regardless of financial status, should have access to the best medical
    Care that is available.

  3. dolores reed said:

    I saw the suffering my Bill endured 24hr a day, due to this honorable disease… No one should have to go through that agony… Jakafii was in trial status with the drug not being approved until after his passing, If it had been approved sooner it would have made a physical and mental difference, his deterioration would not have been so advanced and may have been able to go to the next step in curing MF… I am saying this because those patients that cannot afford the price of Jakafii will go through the same unbearable suffering that Bill endured… There are no other medication that have the same symptom relief as Jakafii does and it simply is not right that ANYONE should suffer where there is a remedy… So I ask you, if it was you or a loved one, would you want to suffer or see them suffer because you couldn’t afford this high cost..Put yourself in the place of these patients if you would,,try to imagine the pain that they suffer….than ask yourself the question, why is the profit value more important than them, you or I…I guarantee you that you would be brought to tears, first in witnessing the unbearable suffering and deterioration than many MF patients suffer. and secondly..the peace you would find n your heart seeing those MF patients somewhat restored to a quality of life, with possibly no pain, no truansfusion but most importantly affording them to maintain strength with less physical deterioration to go to the next step and get the cure for this horrible disease…. Please have some compassion for these sufferers in making the drug affordable to all MF sufferers that can tolerate it…. Also thank you for all that was done in getting this drug research and approved ……

  4. I was on Jakafi for 11 months in 2012 only because I had assistance on the price issue from a company in Texas. Who knows how the system works and where the assistance money actually came from…….probably the pharmaceutical manufacturers mainly.

    I am now on a trial drug but will probably lose that opportunity soon and would like to try Jakafi again but could only with major financial assistance again. Its like a game where the manufacturers used to provide it for free to most until congress took away that right. Now they do it through the back door. Why not quit the games and make it reasonable?

  5. Ron Russell said:

    The absurdity of this kind of pricing is that they actually price themselves out of the market, because the insurance companies will deny payment, and few patients have such resources, which creates a death sentence for many of them. How loathsome that patients must wage this kind of battle with such profit cannibals.

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