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 Our Late Summer Special MPNforum publishes tomorrow and this one is monumental. 

 Aside from our lead investigative report on the real impact of Incyte and Jakafi on our MPN lives… there’s the MPNclinic Index Project – all six clinics combined in one searchable 88 page document with Index.  In the TSR newsletter there’s  Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s documentary “Weed” that aired on CNN… a report on the cocktail clinical trial.. .the new (free) model patient support event…& really much more.

The advance Subscriber edition is here

 Once again, Please, if you find any broken links or typos please let me know in advance of publication tomorrow morning. And remember to use the back arrow to navigate until publication. (The Return to contents link will only take you back to the current Home Page.)

    Hope you’re doing well and looking forward to the Autumn leaves…



Comments on: "Advance: Late Summer MPNforum" (4)

  1. Leif Running said:

    In the Six Clinics article, these world renowned specialist provided       you need to put an s on the end of specialist.



  2. Leif Running said:

    In the Incyte article there is an instance of “Jakavi”.


  3. Leif Running said:

    Hi, In your Incyte article, near the top, you use the term “sub-atomic mutation”. I’m not a scientist, but I’m pretty well educated, and I don’t think there is such a thing. I think you should drop the word sub-atomic, and just call it a mutation. Leif


  4. Leif Running said:

    Hi, On top page: 1. Swap the positions of the buttons linking to the April and May issues so that they are in chronological order, April-May-June. 2. Need a period at the end of the first sentence under Comments Policy. Leif


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