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Hi, there…  It’s June 15th which means the monthly MPNforum will be normally delivered to your computer. Since it’s also Friday, and we don’t normally publish on the weekend,  your advance copy can be found here:

The good news about patent limitations on Genetic testing came out of Washington yesterday, so there’s a bit of a blurb on that as well but our focus this month is on the key MPN developments reported in ASCO (Chicago) and EHA (Stockholm) in the past two weeks.   Other good news: Looks like a JAK inhibitor has actually reversed fibrosis while managing MF symptoms.  With photos to prove it.

As usual with these advance copies to Subscribers.. PLEASE let me know if you find any errors, typographical or otherwise. I had the help of Janice Creed, Mary O’Leary and Nancy Carter (thank you!)  who proofed copy but changes continued to be made right up to press time and I can’t be sure I picked up all the typos they did catch.  (Please send corrections to: And Ellen Jacquart tucked in a few more recommended hematologists.

Be well,  Enjoy…and have a wonderful weekend,



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  1. Kathy Jones said:

    Not sure if this email can be responded too. Will I get the quarterly journal via email? I am very interested in the misdiagnosis thing. Can you draw my attention t any articles in the meantime?

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