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DO YOU BLOG?  WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr.. whatever.

Some of the very best writing and photographs — the most descriptive and honest treatment of impacts MPNs have on our lives — is in the Blogosphere. MPNforum wants to help make those stories available to the MPN community by publishing a brief description and a link to your blog.

Some bloggers want to remain relatively private and MPNforum – with an estimated 51,000 readers worldwide and over 183,000 page visits is definitely public.   If you’re willing to share your work, please send an e-mail to me ( or with a link to your Blog. And let us help get the word out.



Comments on: "Do you BLOG?" (2)

  1. Andrew Auerbach said:

    I had a question for the MPNClinic or fellow MPN patients. I have been have Myelofibrosis and have been taking Thalidomide on a regular basis with curcumin. This has proved to be very effective at maintaining my hemoglobin levels, allowing me to be transfusion free. However, I have had persistent leg cramps at night. These seem to be more numerous after exercise. I take magnesium citrate which works some of the time. Is there anything else I can do to limit these cramps? Diane Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2013 12:59:24 +0000 To:

    • jsandresen1 said:


      For me, my leg cramps were reduced by 98% when I went on PEG-INFN. I had terrible leg cramps following exercise after transitioning from PV to MF. I do not know with certainty if it was the PEG but I exercise usually six days a week. I am back to doing squats now on a BOSU ball without cramps at night. Just very sore legs. Rode twenty-five miles on Friday and no cramps either.

      Jeremy Smith

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