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Can you lend a hand?  There’s an intense amount of work talking place these days to strengthen MPNforum Magazine and make it more responsive to needs in the MPN community. Your participation would help greatly.

As an all-volunteer collective effort, MPNforum depends on all of us. It is your input, your judgment of work to date, that powers our future. So please take a minute to complete the on-line questionnaire that includes a ballot, your chance to participate at any level in management or creative work at the Magazine….and a very brief scale to check off your ratings of MPNforum features..and space for you to sound off safely.

This questionnaire is for Subscribers and Friends only and closes shortly. The Public questionnaire will be incorporated in our March 15 issue but will not include some questions that apply only to Subscribers and Friends.

If you have filled out the questionnaire already, thank you…and if not, please get to it now while you’re still thinking about

      Many thanks,


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