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Are you ready to drop Jakafi from your options.

UK’s  National Institute for Health Excellence (NICE) influences about 25% of the world’s prescription of novel drugs.

It is currently reviewing the cost-effectiveness of  ruxolitinib (JAKAVI/JAKAFI) for myelofibrosis  and soliciting input from the affected patient population.

We need individual patients to go to the NICE website and provide feedback before the 7th of  March. This is a life and death issue for our fellow MPN patients and the new US severe budget cutbacks assure a harder look at coverage for Jakafi in the States as well.

Speak out now..there’s not much time to register your opinion.

The website





Comments on: "Will Jakafi be there when you need it?" (8)

  1. What a great opportunity to actually influence a decision about insurance coverage for a drug that has great benefits for many in our select MPN group. Even if you don’t need it now, you may in the future. And if NICE gives a thumbs down to Jakafi on a cost- benefit basis, many other countries will follow suit. So let NICE hear our voices!

    • Barry Millman said:

      Zhen, I sent in all the pertinent  positive info about my own experience with Jakavi and then sent a comment to MPNforum.  I see the following  notation under my comment “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.  Could you tell me what this means.  Is there something that I left out?  Kindly advise. Yours truly, Barry Millman  


      • Sorry, Barry, please don’t take offense. It probably means you’re not a subscriber to MPNforum. All comments by subscribers are posted automatically. Placing non-subscriber comments in a moderation queue isjust a way the system has to screen for spam. You can subscribe — free, of course — on most pages of any issue of MPNforum simply by supplying an e-mail address. Thanks, Zhen

  2. Barry Millman said:

    Just completed my own positive comments.

  3. Consider it done!

  4. said:


  5. californiabonnie said:

    Should USA patients make a statement ?

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