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On January 15th, in our next issue, we’re publishing a report on the Fatigue Project.  Partly this is a report on a few clinical studies – for example did you know that 61% of  patients consider fatigue a more serious Cancer-related Fatigue problem than pain?    And it’s an overview of first findings, along with new stories,Ruben Mesa Top Ten Professor Ruben Mesa’s Top Ten Tips, and the surprising introduction of a possible cause of MPN fatigue that is responsive to treatment.

The article is long and I wanted to get it to you in advance of publication to give you a chance to read it, think about it, and add your comments to the discourse.

One core concept is the need for a new approach to MPN treatment that includes assessment and treatment by a team of specialists… a concept endorsed by the NCI and non-profit National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

You can get to the article, entitled “The Missing Patient,” at   It is password protected. 

The password is   dysthymia

 Please pass along any comments or errors you might find – either in the regular comments box at the end of the article or to me at  You’re welcome to pass along the link and password to your friends on Facebook pages, support groups, or social media. This needs to be a wide open discussion if we hope to impact the quality of MPN care.

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Comments on: "The Missing Patient (Advance)" (2)

  1. Susan Kennedy said:

    Help! I am not computer with it and I cannot view the Missing Patient article.

    Thank you very much, Susan Kennedy (PV) Ky 859-269-3249

    • Hi Susan…Sorry for the complication.
      This is an advance publication of the article that will be available without the password requirement on January 15. We released it early to subscribers, password-protected, because it had not yet been reviewed or proofread. The subject — Fatigue and its lack of treatment by healthcare providers — is important to many of us and relates to the on-going Fatigue Project.
      You can reach the article at
      When you get there type dysthymia in the password box (no capital letters) and it should open up.
      Please let me know if you have any difficulty.



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