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Hi, there… The Special Report on ASH will be published tomorrow…but there’s an advance password-protected version you can look at right now. at

The password is      ASH

This Report an extension of our cooperative efforts to bring events home to all of us on our personal computers. This time you’ll find galleries of posters and photographs, the full audio presentation made by Dr. Animesh Pardianani summarizing the surprising results of CYT387..and there’s a video interview with Dr. Richard Silver on Interferon… along with his announcement of a new clinical trial. For me, the  technology, working a HandyCam video and uploading photos and MP3 audio into the new WordPress media handling system, was a bit daunting. But it’s a beginning and will get better.

Mostly, though, none of this report could have happened without the contributions and support of MPNforum patients and caregivers.

So let me know.  Does it work for you?  Does the format — mostly popularized summaries with technical links and graphics — make the findings clear?…because there really is something good  happening in the world of MPN drug development.  Billions (with a B) are being poured into JAK-STAT research.  We’re just the early beneficiaries of a massive Big Pharma effort aimed at widespread chronic and inflammatory diseases that share the JAK-STAT pathway with MPNs. And some promising results are coming out of the labs.

And while you’re leafing through the report PLEASE let me know if you find typos or links that don’t work properly.  You will not be able to use the red  RETURN TO CONTENTS link at the bottom of each article until tomorrow.  You can post your comments but if you find typos etc I can correct while it’s still all in the family send me an e-mail<> and I’ll get on it before we go public.

Enjoy… and Happy Holidays if we don’t get to talk over the next couple of weeks,


Comments on: "ASH REPORT” Advance" (2)

  1. Mary Cotter said:

    Great job Zhen! I have been eagerly waiting for some reports from ASH! The first two video interviews with Dr. Silver are not working. There is a comment about them being private.

    Thanks for your hard and exhausting work. Mary Cotter

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi, Mary…You’re such a Winner! Thank you. I had set those vids on Private to run that past Silver. I think it’s Public now. Please try when you get a chance a let me know


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