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Hi, there…  Just got back from the ASH meeting in Atlanta and my kitchen table is strewn with cables, tapes, cameras, notebooks.

It’s not likely we can bring order out of all that chaos in time to report on major MPN developments by December 17, our next publication date.   But we can definitely give you a feel for the events and some highlights.   I’m still hoping (note, this is Tuesday night near midnight) to have the story illustrated  with some video and audio clips.  For good reason.

It’s nearly impossible for most of us to make it to something like  ASH or the sponsored MPN conferences held periodically.  But it will eventually be a snap to bring these conferences to us on our home computers, tablets and phones, open to direct participation.

OK, so you can’t judge it by this first effort, a shaky unedited announcement and holiday greeting featuring me and my Christmas colored parrot, Bozo, both of us straight out of Central Casting. But we’ll get better at it and hopefully you’ll jump in with your own videos and audio recordings posted in comments and your own articles, features and columns in MPNforum.  One way or another, together we’ll  make the rich reservoir of MPN knowledge now held by a precious few available to all of us and our physicians.

Meantime, here’s me and Bozo…just consider it the cartoon before the main feature this coming Monday.

See you then,


Comments on: "Coming attractions…or at least a trial run." (4)

  1. Wow, can’t wait to hear about the information you have on the ASH Convention. Bozo looks like he knows what is going on. :)

    • Well, if he does I hope he plans to tell me. Gilead just bought YM Bioscience for a reported $465 million at a massive premium over the stock price…The combination of a deep pockets partner and fuel for JAK2 research and product development should make for some significant developments ahead. Right, Bozo?

  2. Steve Enterkin said:

    Keep me posted? Is cty387 for real?

    Have a great day!
    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Mimi McGuire said:

    Understood where you’re coming from!! Loved pic of you and Bozo! My husband, Chris, is healing well from his horrible kitchen household accident with the compound spiral fracture of tibiaand fibula and the surgery of rod placement through the bone marrow hollow at the knee to the ankle secured with nails and screws of the left leg!! On his pain management protocol, his pain is minimal. He is ambulating well with his walker. He still cannot put ANY weight on it for another 2 months, but he is doing great with his PT who comes to our home 3 days a week. So, we are counting our blessings big time. His pain management doc (a Harvard grad) will start weaning Chris off the meds he is taking over a 2 month period, as he is on a sustained release morphine 15 mg pill ever 12 hours. I don’t expect Chris to have any problems coming off the med as the time presents itself, Amen!

    I look forward to the next issue of the forum and hope I have something worth adding! Always, peace and warmth for the holiday season, mimi mcguire


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