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Buried MPN Treasure



The free and publicly available MPNClinic — launched just three months ago —  is by far the most popular landing page for visitors to the Forum.

The hundreds of responses to patient questions provided by some of the world’s most experienced MPN clinicians and scientists is a rich and growing treasure for our international community. For some it has already been a life-saving resource.

But for others, its vital advice is deeply hidden.

 To make this priceless resource more accessible to all, we need to provide a better means to have this wealth of invaluable advice easily searched. 

 We need an index and classification scheme. And we could use a volunteer with the skills and inclination to help us find — or design —  a more responsive system to enable searches by patients and their physicians and caregivers..

 If you can help, please contact us with your ideas. 

(Meantime, if you’d like answers to some MPN questions of your own you can send them on to Please include your general location.)


   The MPN Free Clinic

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