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Hi there…For Forum subscribers here’s a password-protected advance copy of the November 15 MPNforum Magazine.

The  link is:  

 The password is:           fatigue

 You’ll find this November-December Issue is chock full of numbers….

 37 short short stories to kick off the Fatigue Project

Seven MPN specialists provide 86 answers to 32 questions in the MPNclinic.

Sevy’s 24 hour fundraiser

Seven goals for the Forum in 2013…

Two great recipes

Two new poets

One heroic battle with AML

…plus the usual assortment of features.

This is an advance issue so if you find typos or links that don’t work, let us know: 

You’re welcome – encouraged – to add your comments after each article. Let your voice be heard in the Forum.


* Please remember, use your back arrow to return to the Front Page. (Until Thursday, November 15, the  “Return to contents” links and header menus will only bring you back to the October-November issue Front Page.)  Thanks.

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