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The FREE MPNclinic —



(Over the next couple of days, I will be sending out this message in advance of publishing the November 15 issue of MPNforum.  So please accept my apologies if you receive more than one similar notice- Zhen.)

From Australia, Brazil, all over the UK, the US and Europe e-mails regularly arrive thanking the doctors working MPNclinic for their desperately needed help.

 Think of it.  This is a Free MPN clinic in a world where many medical centers don’t even have experienced MPN doctors. And MPNclinic isn’t staffed with residents or family practitioners but the very best MPN specialists, clinical investigators, and scientists in the world.


We can’t hold this treasure just for ourselves. Please look through this advance edition of the MPNclinic and then spread the word over the Internet – to your personal lists, your Patient Support Groups, your Facebook pages and any other sources likely to reach MPN patients in need of help.


You can find the November 15 advance MPNclinic here:   

Help others find it as well…at this Thursday.


  Thank you,



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