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Tired?  And you thought the cure was impossible. Hah!

OK maybe Geritol doesn’t do it – and never did – but lots of us have ways to beat MPN fatigue. C;mon, share your techniques. How does Fatigue affect your life?

What do you do to overcome fatigue, exhaustion, weariness?

A few paragraphs or a few pages for an upcoming feature. Send it to

Before your nap.



Comments on: "TIred?" (1)

  1. Mary S. Laird said:

    It is very important that I carefully listen to my body and not allow myself to become overly tired. When my body is telling me to stop, I stop. A half-hour nap or rest usually gets me going again. Also, I take care to get enough exercise, sleep and proper diet. If I don’t do these things and push myself too hard, I often find that I am out of commission for the next couple of days.

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