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Good morning!

     Here’s   your Subscriber Sunday Special...

Your advance copy of the October-November MPNforum is now available.

 It is password protected until officially published Monday.

 The advantage:  You can access all articles and features from the Front Page right now.  Just click on the red links, usually saying (More),

The disadvantage: You cannot use the Return to Contents link at the end of each story…or other menus, so for now you need to use your back arrow.

To get to the Front Page, click here:

The password is:    Jakafi

 Since this is an advance copy, more or less all in the family, PLEASE e-mail if you find any errors that need correcting… or anything else for that matter.

Thanks… this is a massive issue with contributions from dozens of people. Check out at the Masthead to see some of your friends and contributors.



* We’ll send you a note when the issue goes public and menus are activated.


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