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The Missing Link…

Somehow, the Straight Talk  page slipped out the door .

Or the Donate button slipped off the page.

More than likely, I slipped.  Sorry.



Comments on: "The Missing Link…" (6)

  1. Claire Wensing said:

    Hi I tried to find your patient recommended hematologist list but couldn’t locate it. I also am not very proficient at this whole internet thing. Still learning how to use my laptop.

    • Sorry for your difficulty. I’ll send you the link via e-mail. Generally, links to our articles are in RED and can be found on the home page, There is also a black rectangle in the header of the page, off to the right. That has a drop down menu of all articles in the issue. Good luck.

      • Claire Wensing said:

        Hi Zhen thanks for your speedy reply. I wanted to add my hematologist to the list but don’t have his email (also not sure if he gives it out to patients). Cheers, Claire PV 2009

  2. Couldn’t fine the donation link?

  3. mimi mcguire said:

    I had no problem with making my donation! Though it was a small donation, every little bit helps and I wish I could donate more!
    So, come on all! Make your donations–we need YOUR help!
    mimi mcguire

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