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We did it!



You did it! 

You did it! You did it!

You said that you would do it, 
And indeed you did.

I thought that you would rue it; 
I doubted you’d do it.

But now I must admit it 
That succeed you did

                             — With thanks to Lerner and Lowe and Ashley and Harvey and 23andMe and all of us…

Blame it on Harvey.  It may be a real partnership between us, MPN patients, and 23andMe, but Harvey did it.

Think about it. If he didn’t have to go and get sick then his kid wouldn’t have had to figure out how she could help him and then we never would have had this amazing, breakthrough technology harnessed on our behalf.

 But it all happened and now its done.  The 23andMe MPN cohort (that’s us) has been assembled and is ready to get to work.

The MPN 23andMe cohort – 1000 of us —  are coded, cross-referenced, SN(i)Pped and associated in the dynamic data base that will be used by researchers to crack the genetic code that brought us all together in this orphan disease.  With some research initiatives now much cheaper and faster, we can start looking forward to fresh approaches to treating MPNs.

So, mark the date on your calendar. September 30, 2012.  Or maybe it was the 29th?  In any case it was September, the month for which so many have worked so hard  to bring awareness of MPNs and MF in particular into  public awareness.

You can read all about it in Ashley Gould’s own words hereTrip back through time and see our first reports of the 23andMe idea here….or just pour yourself a cold one and rejoice…. We did it!


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  1. YAYYYY!!! It only takes a few willing and able to put themselves out there… and so many more will benefit over time! Glad to be part of learning, knowledge, and progress!

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