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What’s Shrimp fra diavolo got to do with it?

Hi, there… on a beautiful Fall day to end this hot Summer thought I’d kick off this hot announcement with a hot dish featured in the Recipe pages of MPNforum this month. (OK, I like the photo and it’s almost lunchtime.)

An advance Subscriber edition of MPNforum Magazine”s September 15 issue is now available at

This issue contains: The first MPNclinic Special Report  answers to patient questions…A close look at what’s at stake in MF Awareness Day…Tony’s last documentary… Patient stories…Ian update….Recipes from the MPN Kitchen… and our regular columnists and features and more.

Enjoy…and please do post your comments and questions. That Reply box after each article gets the conversation going and is the easiest way to add your voice to the Forum.



*Tomorrow you’ll find the Magazine at it regular place on the rack at


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