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The Jakafi Experience

As vacation winds to a close, we’re starting to wrap up materials for our September 15 return to newsstands… and research future features.

One major article in the works is The Jakafi Experience, a collection of first hand reports from patients to help flesh out the reality of this drug,  if you are currently taking Jakafi, thinking about it, or going off it… please consider sharing your experience with all of us.

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you…


Here’s a post some of you will see on your Facebook pages later today, with just a little more information.

A call for contributors:  The Jakafi Experience

We’ve seen the charts and heard the claims from clinical investigators, from Incyte and Novartis, from professors, scientists and hematologists.  The Jakafi case has been made, the drug approved.

Now we need to hear from those of us who are taking Jakafi, who are thinking of taking the drug, who discontinued taking Jakafi,   Is it effective?  Have you had any side effects?  Was it difficult to get the cost covered by your insurance?  Any comments, reservations?

You MF patients who were the front line, early adopters of this new drug, can help us all with your direct first-hand knowledge of the Jakafi Experience.

If you can contribute a story, anecdote, article from your own direct experience to the MPNforum Magazine special Jakafi feature, please contact me:



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