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War Against the Clones

An MPNforum Special Bulletin explores a milestone publication last week thatalters the Jakafi landscape.  You can find it HERE. 

 More than a year before Jakafi was approved for myelofibrosis therapy, a powerhouse consortium of genetic scientists, mathematicians and molecular biologists were probing the JAK2 inhibiting mechanism.. They were funded b y the National Cancer Institute, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the MPN Research Foundation.

 Last week they published their report.

This interdisciplinary group.led by Sloan-Kettering’s Ross Levine provided some answers to questions that have been vexing patients and clinicians alike.  .

 Why do patients whose MF symptoms are brought under control by Jakafi suddenly stop responding to the drug?

What alternatives are available to MF patients whose disease proves resistant to JAK2 inhibitors?

The answers suggest both immediate and long-term adjustment of Jakafi therapy and bring into focus important new targets for drug developers.

.With thanks to Ross Levine and his associates from Harvard Medical School, Howard Hughes Institute, MD Anderson, the Broad Institute , and Sloan-Kettering for pushing back the wall of darkness surrounding our MPNs…

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