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Hi, there…

This is a pre-release  to Subscribers of our Summer Supplement.

In addition to the promised stories — and revelation of the identities of child portraits previously sent – there is some really big news.

We’re launching the MPN Clinic thanks to the generous participation of six world class scientists, hematologists, and clinical investigators. You can read all about it in the issue at:

Since the Summer Supplement won’t be publicly released until tomorrow afternoon,  and this post is more or less all in the family, PLEASE let me know if you find links that don’t work, typos that are serious enough to annoy you…or anything else worth fixing up before we turn up the lights and open the curtain..

We’re closing down publication for vacation – back September 15 – but we’re always open for e-mails and comments, ideas and such so keep in touch…and have a great summer..

Zhen (An extra link to the issue, just in case.)


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