Science & Medicine

Stories have the power to save our lives

    — One Thousand and One Nights


Call for Entries

 The Summer Story Issue

We’re working on our Summertime Story Issue

This is a chance for old and new writers to share memories, thoughts, ideas and creative impulses.

For this issue we have four themes…

(1) How I cope with my MPN (strategies and tactics that get you through the day…and night)

(2) The way things were (reflections on your life before you ever heard of myeloproliferative anything)

(3) Sex and romance in the shade of JAK2 (love stories, living, flirting, or hooking  up with someone when your MPN plays a role)

(4) What happens next? (Maybe nobody knows for sure but everyone has an idea, a belief a faith in the afterlife.)

Stories of any type — memories, anecdotes, humor, reflections, narratives, are OK…as well as poetry , drawing and, of course, photographs.

 Send your story idea, outline, draft or complete manuscript to

Need a hand? We’ can get an editor to work with you,

Looking forward to it..have fun!


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