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But there are new password requirements on some MPNforum features.

 Effective today. both the Catalog of MPN articles and our List of Patient-Recommended Hematologists will be password protected.

In the future,  the password will be supplied to you in advance.  

The password is:   mayday

Why the change?   We need to encourage reader subscription to MPNforum Magazine. The job of notifying members of the MPN community of publication and special events takes a considerable amount of scarce time.  We are dependent on word of mouth plus e-mailing patients and caregivers individually, and publishing brief notices in MPD-Support, Facebook pages and the MPN Research Foundation for the most part.  By contrast, notifying you and our other 500 subscribers, takes a single keystroke.

Every issue of MPNforum is freely available to everyone on the Internet. We want it to be that way.   But, as a result, subscribers account for less than 10% of our monthly readership.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re trying to extend our resources as far as possible. And the subscription drive is part of that effort.

Thank you for understanding,

MPNforum Magazine

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