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The point of publishing the “Coming of Age” article was to share the realities of producing MPNforum Magazine and prepare the ground for the Fall, when we expect to move to a new web host and start running ads.

I wanted to put our planning in the public domain and open up our future direction for comment and discussion. The goal of the Small Donations Program is $5,000 to get us from here to there, at which time ad revenues could be sustaining. 

I thought the “Coming of Age” piece was already too focused on money since it’s really about resources and our possibilities and limitations as patients and caregivers.  So I didn’t publish the goal or the timeline or more details.

 However, the $100 limitation is realGenerous supporters have already come forward today with $100 donations…but some have previously contributed in our first round which requires us to return the donation.  The $100 limitation extends for the six months of Phase One.

The reason is simple enough.  Almost everyone can afford to support MPNforum Magazine at the level of $10  – $25.  To be a broad-based, community magazine we can’t have just a few people or corporations carrying the financial burden. It’s not only unfair but it sets up categories and divisions among us…the last thing we need.  Sharing the load by making a small donation empowers each of us, gives us a voice, an entitlement, a vote.

So please don’t make us – me – do the accounting.  If you have already donated in the first round please make sure any subsequent donation you make over the next six months doesn’t cause your combined donation to exceed $100.

And if you haven’t donated yet, and your Visa isn’t totally  tapped out, consider making a very small donation – even $5 or $10 —  just to join in building the magazine that serves our whole MPN community.



Comments on: "Clarification about donations" (2)

  1. Hi, Jerry… Gives you an idea how verklempt I can get. Go through the whole donation
    explanation and leave out the mailing address. Thanks for pointing it out.
    By the way, it is in the article, “Coming of Age” and I’d be happy to hear your thoughts
    when you get to it.
    Here it is: MPNforum, PO Box 17142, Asheville. NC 28816.

  2. gerald berman said:

    to mail in contribution,what address do i use?
    jerrry berman

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