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Need a second opinion…or a first?

 The MPNforum List of Hematologists makes its debut next week

But as a subscriber you can access it out right now at…


This is a patient-recommended List …and some patients are willing to answer any questions you might have

 Now that we’ve got the format down – thanks to Editor, Ellen Jacquart for all her hard work! —  we will be opening it to the entire MPN Community. So if you’ve got a good doc, this is the time to add her or his name to The List and share the good news.

 Just click here to add your doctor to the recommended list.  It could be one of the most important actions you take to help another MPN patient.

     Feel good and keep in touch…

    MPNforum Magazine

Comments on: "The List is ready to roll out…" (3)

  1. Ellen,

    You rock. This is a great service and all of us owe you a big thanks for spearheading this and getting it off the ground. Bravo!


    Harvey Gould

  2. Chip Cohen said:

    Hi. I wrote recommending my hemotologist. Dr john Mascarenhas at mt Sinai in new york. Just curious why it didn’t make your list.

    • Thanks for the follow-up, Chip. Digging through the I did find your recommendation and have no idea why it was not automatically forwarded for inclusion. Well, maybe some idea since the process is far from “automatic” and in the heat of production, I’m sure it was an oversight. My oversight.

        No recommendation by an MPN patient is rejected.

      Dr. Mascarenhas is one of the leading hematologists in the MPN world Sincere apologies to you both. The List will be updated once a week but since it will go public this Monday, I’ll ask Ellen if it’s possible to add the recommendation immediately.

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