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 Hi, there….

Remember the laughing guy with the white dog, black beard, overalls from our Facebook page?

Well, here he is one year later, a lot grayer and happy that this big April Issue is out in the world.
       It’s crammed with great stories  and put together with MPN writers and the help of our new Board of Editors  — Ann Haehn, Harvey Gould, Ellen Jacquart and Manuela Manual…and the guy who used to have that black beard. (Notice the droop of the shoulders, the sigh of relief?)

As our last issue of our first year it does something we’ve been aiming for from the beginning.

    The April issue of the Forum is filled with voices of MPN patients, lots of patients and caregivers telling their stories.

These many voices,  blended with opinion by our world class columnists, poetry, and an investigative science report from our Behind the Lab Door series is a milestone.  And Ashley Gould is back with an update. (She’s Harvey’s kid, the 23andMe corporate exec who first introduced us all to the 23andMe MPN initiative.)

As a Subscriber you’re getting this early, so dig in, take your time but PLEASE let us know if you find something that needs fixing, something you love, something you hate. e-mail us quick before the rest of the world lets us know about it.

One last thing:  Ellen  is putting together our list of Really Good Hematologists.  If your doc is a winner, head on over to her form in the April Issue and let us know.   OK, now it’s really time to take that dog for a walk while there’s still some daylight.

Talk to you soon,


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  1. Excellent work Zhen. The Fourm is a hit.

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