Science & Medicine

MPNForum – October 2011

This Issue …meet a Joyce Niblack you never knew….And Moshe Leib takes us through a Panic Attack and the Great Lobster CureJeremy recalls the First On-line MPN group and the Drug Wars….Harvey Gould brings us into the realities of a Clinical Trial….Patricia gives us a taste of Science behind the Spirit…. and there’s Mary’s Animal House, Arch’s recollections, and much more. Right here, October 15, 2011.


Special thanks this issue to Moshe Leib, production, Barbara Beckman, Sheridan Emery and Ellen Jacquart for editorial review, our writers, to you who posted comments and the Editorial Board: Thanks too to Ian Sweet, MPD-NET, Bob Niblack, Robert Tollen and Dr. Ruben Mesa for photos and background; And, mostly, thanks to the 28,316 people who have come to our pages. You’re the reason we all do this.

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