Science & Medicine

 I just reread,with much pleasure and a better understanding plus a
firmer grasp of the author’s intent, the essay in November’s MPNforum
magazine: “The Blood Bone Stem Cell Niche …”A new MPN therapy
target”. In addition to being given an easily digested excellent
review of the geography and cellular activities going on within our
bones, MPN students of all levels and persuasions, but in particular
MPN patients and their caretakers, will profit from a good read, not
only for enjoyable reading of rare good medical science writing, but
also for stimulative learning while thinking beyond dogma in the
rapidly changing and evolving world of understanding
myeloproliferation. The thrust of the essay is clear and succinct yet
leaves room for revisits with additions and corrections to the
concepts put forward, It is definitive without being dogmatic,
speculative yet with documentation. It promotes a innovative position
while allowing for dissent, but best of all it encourages us to think
about blood, bone and stem cells for ourselves beyond accepted
pathology and physiology without a feeling of presumptive ignorance. I
encourage your readers to reread the essay

Respectfully, Arch M,

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